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Jason Elliot Benda's Home Page

Version Thirteen
"Wishing you a pleasant day and a higher GPA since 1995."

Who Am I

Hi. I'm Jason. I'm a mathematician by training; I have bachelor's and master's degrees in Mathematics. I'm also autistic, which you can read more about here if you feel so inclined. I'm not a computer scientist or a web developer (though I'm married to someone who is both of those things), which is probably why my code looks like it was written by someone who didn't know any better 25 years ago. Some of this, seriously, that's not that far off.

What's New

Old Stuff

It says at the top that this is Version 13; most of it is still under the Version 12 branding, and will be untill I get things tidied a little bit. I've decided that I should use the 13 branding for everything I've done since 2020, which is actually quite reasonable, since JEBHP 12 dated to 2008 and was really last updated in 2014.

So here, from the Archives, are what files I know to exist from previous versions of my home page:

There are some subtle versioning issues with some of the "alternate" directories. For example, I have a link that's supposed to be a picture of my seat for the New Jersey-Columbus game of 31 December 2000; if you look at a slightly different location in a different directory structure, you see a different picture.

I might be able to fix anything that's broken in the above links, but it might just be broken, too. If you see something that you're wondering about, let me know.

New Stuff

Non-Smoking Advisory

Jason Elliot Benda's Home Page continues to have a strict non-smoking policy. If your computer is smoking, please extinguish it immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.