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Version Thirteen

Fan-Created Newspaper Mockups

If you don't listen to Decoder Ring Theatre, really, you should.

I have a project on another page of compiling the cast and roles for each episode of the two main series of full-cast audio dramas. Here, I've got some fan stuff. Specifically, I have made some newspaper mockups which correspond to specific episodes.

Red Panda universe: the Toronto Chronicle

animated mockup of all four Chronicle mastheads as described in paragraph below

The Red Panda universe's main newspaper is the Toronto Chronicle. Employees of the newspaper are significant recurring characters, including the Editor-In-Chief, Timothy J. Pearly. It is known that there are other newspapers in Toronto (including the Sentinel), but when I wanted to make a mockup, the only real choice was the Chronicle. I wanted the Chronicle to have a sense of a national paper, so I chose to put the Canadian flag (the Canadian Red Ensign; the current maple leaf flag was not adopted until 1965) on the masthead, in color on Sunday and in greyscale on weekdays, and I added a tagline (borrowed from the modern Chicago Sun-Times) of "The Hardest-Working Paper In Canada." At least during World War II, I also have added the length of the war so far, dating from the invasion of Poland (so 01 September 1939 is Day 1). I also referred to a nonstandard Chronicle as a "Special", as Editor Pearly does in Episode 69 (talking about other papers).

Black Jack universe: the Gazette

animated mockup of all four Gazette mastheads as described in paragraph below

In the Black Jack universe, which very intentionally is set in an unnamed American city, the paper is the Gazette, and we are told (in Episode 41) that there is a Morning Gazette and an Evening Gazette. Again, while I assumed it was a broadsheet (and despite the fact that I grew up as a loyal Chicago Tribune reader and disdained the "other paper"), I borrowed a bit from the Sun-Times here, particularly the weather phrase on the left side of the masthead. Given the unnamed city in this universe, I chose to quasi-nationalize the Gazette, using the tagline "An American Paper for American Readers", and putting the United States flag in the middle, between the words Morning/Evening and Gazette. As with the Toronto Chronicle, I assumed there was only a single edition on Sunday, with a color masthead. A nonstandard edition of the Gazette is called an "Extra", as appears in Episode 41.

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