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ICTM State Math Contest Team Statistics

Anyone who knows me well knows that the ICTM State High School Math Contest has been very important to me since I first participated as a freshman at Naperville North in 1991. I attended the Contest for four years as a competitor, then six years as a spectator (even though there's nothing really to watch). In 2001, the Contest moved to Urbana, and I missed the next four (the date of the Contest in 2001 was also the first, and so far only, time I've seen the New Jersey Devils play in person in New Jersey, and I am not at all sorry for missing the Contest to see my favorite team play a Stanley Cup Playoff game in their home barn). By 2005, I was a graduate student in Urbana, so I came back to the Contest, this time as a site volunteer, and very quickly as a Contest volunteer. (What's the difference? Who gives me my assignment. As a Site Volunteer, I answered to the Site Chair; now I answer to the Contest Chair.)

The impetus for this project was a comment I made after the 4AA Awards Ceremony at the 2023 Contest in Normal. From the time I first competed for Naperville North in 1991 through 2022, the Huskies had finished in the Top 4, a streak of 31 straight Contests. I wondered if that was a record. So in essence, I put together all this data just to answer the question "What is the longest streak of Top 4 team finishes?" As I was getting this data into shape to be used and rendered somehow, I coded this button to compute the length of that record streak. It said 31 (at the time), which led me to believe that the Huskies held the record. (That's actually not true, but I didn't know that until the next day.)


For those not familiar with the history of the Contest, I should note the following:

What's Here?

There are JavaScript arrays that this page has loaded with basically all the Team information from the entire history of the Contest, from 1981 to the present: the list of Participating Schools for each Contest in each Division (in most years, this should mean a school qualified at least one student to compete at State), the list of Full Team Qualifiers and Regional Champion teams, and the Top 10 Schools in each Division in the final standings. Interacting with this page allows the user to read this information.

Results data is currently available through the ____ Contest.

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Choosing a school from the pulldown or clicking the name of a school from a Yearly Results, a Rankings, or a List of Schools will load school information below.

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History Lesson

                    See here for a note about School Colors.

                    A word about History

                    I learned a lot about history and Illinois high schools as I was preparing this, and I hope you do, too. I made a decision (detailed in the Notes) that I was going to treat schools that consolidated or split as separate schools as best I could.

                    I have compiled some combined listings for schools that were affected in this way. For example, if Warren and United are considered to be the same school (United is the successor school to a consolidation involving Warren), they would have competed every year in the history of the Contest, but since the school changed after the 2004 Contest, it is listed here as 24 years for Warren and then separately United after that. Similarly but in the opposite direction, if Lincoln-Way and Lincoln-Way Central are considered to be the same school (the school was renamed after Lincoln-Way East opened as a four-year school in 2001, but it's some of the same students and in the same building), the Knights would have competed every year of the Contest. So there are things that look a little off because of splits and consolidations, the most obvious of which is that New Trier only has seven straight titles, not eight, because the first one is attributed to New Trier East.

                    These combined listings can be found by enabling the "Include Continuity" checkbox above. A word of warning: some Rankings appear duplicated if Continuity is on, as for example "New Trier West/New Trier" and "New Trier East/New Trier" are listed separately as having competed in every Contest, and "New Trier" has one fewer. While I could remove siblings and predecessors/successors from the rankings, that creates a bigger problem where Libertyville and Vernon Hills could not both appear in the Rankings, even though both won all their State Championships after the schools split.

                    Compiling this data was a weeks-long project. Thanks are due to Carol Nenne and Jim Aiu for (perhaps unwittingly) giving me access to all the scanned compiled results, from which I was able to pull what I wanted. Also thanks are due to those who compiled the results in the first place, including J. Peter Westergard, Eric Easterberg, Richard C. Muller, Roger A. Finnell, and Ron Vavrinek.

                    I wrote some Notes as I was working on all this, if you are interested in my process.

                    As I said in the Notes, many of the History Lessons (and I need to write more of those) come from the fine site and its predecessor site

                    If you like this, if you don't like it, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I would like this project to be as useful as possible, and I'd be happy to receive feedback.