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Version Twelve

Jason Rides The Bus

I'm trying to track all my rides on the buses of the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District. I have an annual pass, so I am not charged individual fare for these rides, but I am tracking them as if I were paying cash fare.

102Jan0913:10Main/Webber15EUrbana Aldi
202Jan0913:10Urbana Aldi15WMain/Grove
305Jan0906:30Lincoln Square6WGreen/Wright9BParkland College
405Jan0911:45Parkland College9AIllinois Terminal5EElm/Vine
512Jan0911:15Lincoln Square7WParkland College
613Jan0907:15Lincoln Square7WParkland College
714Jan0911:15Lincoln Square7WIllinois Terminal7WParkland College
814Jan0915:10Parkland College9AIllinois Terminal5EElm/Vine
914Jan0918:05Lincoln Square6WGreen/Wright9BParkland College
1015Jan0907:15Lincoln Square7WParkland College
1120Jan0907:15Lincoln Square7WParkland College
1220Jan0920:00Parkland College70ESave A Lot130EMain/Grove
1322Jan0907:15Lincoln Square7WParkland College