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Version Twelve

My Links About Me

Okay, so I've been thinking: What should go here? There are different categories of links that I'd want to have listed, and there should be different places for those. This page, then, should be the links that pertain to me, i.e., that have content by or about me. At least, that's what I think. And it's my site, so there.

Where To Find Me

My Offline Existence

My Physical Location

I live in Urbana, Illinois. This statement may or may not be suitably vague to keep away any stalkers I may have, though if any stalkers are that determined to find me, they likely already have and don't need help from a web page.

Where I Work

Another good place to look for me is at work. I work at Parkland College in Champaign, as a part-time instructor in the Mathematics Department. According to my colleagues, I'm in the office a lot.

On The Phone

I don't have a landline phone anymore, and I haven't since moving to Urbana in 2006. I have a cell phone on an AT&T FamilyTalk plan that I share with my wife, my father, and his wife. (I'm the only one of the four of us in a different area code.) Please note that we do not have a text-messaging plan with our phones, but we have lots of voice minutes, so talk is cheap, while text messages run up the bill. (I know we have friends who would much rather send text messages than talk. I feel bad that it doesn't work well for us financially.) I've modified that now, since I just paid the bill, so we have unlimited text messaging now. Also, if I don't answer the phone, it either means I'm in class or I don't have it with me.

My Online Existence

Some of these places you may need to be logged in or be approved or some such to see me. Oh well if you aren't.


This is where I am most often. If you are looking for me for the last six years, that's where I'll be.

Fora and Blogspaces

Not much to see here.

The Obligatory Instant Messaging Accounts

I am often signed into all of the accounts below.

IM Clients

I've been using Trillian from Cerulean Studios for several years. I've also been known to use Pidgin, or GAIM as it used to be known, especially on Linux boxes. I like Trillian Pro's ability to combine contacts into MetaContacts. I don't like the fact that Trillian Pro in Windows DenyOrAllow is a huge resource hog, and that it seems to crash every few weeks, taking my MetaContacts with it. I've also used Meebo at times when using a non-web interface was impossible.

The Obligatory Social Networking Websites

I'm generally not here. These accounts I have because friends and/or family hang out here, and I like to connect with them.